10 Dos and Don'ts for Inkjet Printer Maintenance

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The print head is the core component of the digital inkjet printing machine. If it is used and maintained correctly, it can reach a service life of 8-12 months. However, due to some incorrect operations, the service life of the print head is greatly reduced. After a long period of research, we have discovered 10 behaviors that are most likely to hurt the printhead. (10 don’ts you need to know.)

Don’t assembling and disassembling printhead with power

Install and remove the digital printer circuit without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior will damage the service life of each system, especially the print head.

Don’t leave the cleaning solution in the printhead for more than two days

Soaking the printhead with cleaning solution can remove stains more effectively. However, if the printhead is soaked for more than 48 hours, it may cause corrosion on the nozzle hole.

Don’t change ink without cleaning

Even the same type of ink, inks from different manufacturers contain different ingredients. If you change the ink without cleaning, it may produce more particles and block the print head. Therefore, we must clean the print head when changing the ink.

Don’t use ink and cleaning liquid of poor quality

Ink of poor quality will affect the printing effect and block the print head, and cleaning liquid of poor quality may also corrode the print head. Do not choose ink and cleaning solution of low quality.

Don’t clean print head with high-pressure air gun

Printhead cleaning is a meticulous work. You can't directly flush the nozzle with a high-pressure air gun to gain fast cleaning. If the printhead is only slightly clogged, you can use the syringe to gently flush with cleaning solution.

Don’t clean print head with non-qualified maintenance kit

The printhead is quilt easy to be contaminated and worn. If the quality of the cleaning tools is not good, it may cause secondary pollution to the printhead. Be sure the reliability of the cleaning product before cleaning the printhead.

Don’t clean printer without protecting of circuit board and other component

Be sure to turn off the power before cleaning, and be careful not to wet the circuit board and other printer components.

Don’t use external force to adjust the position of the printhead irregularly

Do not use brute force whether to replace or fine-tune the print head. Do treat the print head carefully according to the specifications.

Don’t printing without electrostatic protection

Digital printer printing is greatly affected by static electricity, so you should not directly touch the nozzle with your hands. Wear protective gloves when maintaining the nozzle. You must also check the connection of the ground wire regularly. You can regularly sprinkle a little salt water around the ground wire.

Don’t use ultrasonic cleaning to clean the printhead in long time

Actually, if you pay enough attention to printhead maintenance, you don’t need to use ultrasonic cleaning at all. Ultrasonic waves can cause adverse effects on the printhead. Unless the printhead is severely clogged, ultrasonic cleaning can be used, and the cleaning time should not exceed 3 minutes. If the cleaning is not in place in one time, wait for the nozzle to cool down to the normal state before next cleaning. The service life of the printhead can be prolonged appropriately through suitable maintenance.