Where Can I Buy Cheap Ink for My Printer

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Since we are the industry of wide format printing and industrial digital printing, now our topic will just refer to this industry, not the small desktop printers or office copiers.

The Types of Ink for Digital Printing

In the advertising graphic printing and industrial digital printing scope, there three main kinds of ink be used.
  • Solvent and Eco solvent Ink

    Solvent and eco solvent ink is used for eco solvent printers, you will know whether your printer is eco solvent printer or not at the time you buy it. Or just ask your printer supplier for this information. Solvent ink and eco solvent ink are solvent based, somehow, this kind of ink is corrosively cause the components inside. So the printhead be used must be resistance to corrosion. Solvent ink is very early kind of ink been used for digital printing. You will find that most printers now used are in this type. It’s ultra ourdoor durability is quite suit for ourdoor advertising and banners. Eco solvent ink is only available for some Epson printhead, such as DX4/ DX5/ TFP/ DX7, mutoh, roland and mimaki are some kinds of eco solvent printers.
  • Dye Sublimation Ink

  • Dye Sublimation Ink is developed tailor to the market demand. It can be transferring used or just direct printing. The application area including the flag printing, and garment printing. By different usage, the formulation will certainly be different.
  • UV Curable Ink

  • UV Curable Ink has expanding the application of digital printing in huge. This ink can be printed on rigid materials such glass, acrylic, metal, woods etc. also flexible materials of film, paper etc. When solvent ink and dye sublimation ink are dye substrates by chemical reaction. The UV ink is cured on the surface of medias. You can also achieve 3D effect by multi-time printing.

Manufactures of Digital Inks in the World

Also the manufactures of inks in the world are filled in some types. We can figure it by geography.
  • EU & USA manufactures.

  • Due to the longest time dive in digital printing area, they are the leading of the world. In other words they are the highest price in the world.
  • Japan & Korea manufactures.

  • These manufactures are considered in tier 2 among all inks manufactures. They keep steps of the tier 1, and take a lot advantages by printhead researching.
  • Chinese manufactures

  • This is the most vigor one in the market, although they came step in later, but this creative market nutria the industry, and it been quickly grown up. And due to the lower labor cost and excellent mature supplier system, now it’s been the OEM option.
  • Other areas

So, China will definitely be place for you to buy the cheap and reliable digital inks from.