Can You Use Sublimation Ink for Regular Printing

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In the field of inkjet printing, the use of ink needs to consider the printhead, printer, printing materials, the use of methods and other factors. Digital printing inks include reactive inks, acid inks, sublimation inks, pigment inks, UV inks, solvent inks etc.. All has a wide range of applications, they can be used in many fields, such as advertising, architecture, textile printing industry, photo printing industry and other industries. As to whether sublimation ink can be used in ordinary printing, we will analyze from the following aspects.

The Printing Theory and Features of Sublimation Ink

Sublimation ink is the phenomenon of sublime of ink under high temperature, at high temperature on the ink dye will be directly sublime from solid into gas, so that the color was distributed and condensed into the fiber of printed objects. Sublimation ink, is one of the dye water-based inks, the difference is, the ink needs high temperature to transfer the color to the object and show the right color, the color printed on the transfer paper is not the final color. The general process needs to jetting the sublimation ink onto the sublimation paper, and then through high temperature and high pressure to transfer the ink to the final substation. Also, in some cases, you can use ink directly jetting onto fabrics (using direct printing disperse ink).

Requirements for Sublimation Ink Printing

  • Sublimation ink can only be used in piezo printhead. And the different printhead will slightly different in ink requirement.
  • Sublimation ink need the special sublimation paper to obtain the best the printing effects.
  • The printing substrate need to go through high temperature and high pressure.

The Application Range of Sublimation Ink

The sublimation printing process is only suitable for polyester fabrics and the surface of hard objects that have been coated with polyester. And the hard items need be high temperature resistant, such as film, metal, glass, porcelain, porcelain cup, PVC, etc....


We do not recommend using sublimation ink for ordinary printing. Cause: 1. Ordinary non-piezoelectric printers are not applicable, 2. The color is not accurate without high temperature, 3. The ink will sublimate, and the image after printing will be blurred. However, for special urgent printing needs, for example, printing on photo paper sealed with plastic film, then it may can be used.