Continuous Ink Supply Systems CISS

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The CISS is becoming an inbuilt part of the newest wide format printers, bulk in supply enhance the printing quality, save time and cost for ink refill.

Advantages of continuous bulk ink supply system CISS

  • Ease of use

  • The bulk ink system have a large capacity of ink, there are 1L bottle per color and even 5L tank per color. This can ensure a long printing time, and refilling ink is also simple, just screw open the bottle or tank and filling ink in. Avoiding ink breakage and low ink printing, decrease the opportunity of nozzle damage and clogging caused by low-ink printing.
  • Stable printing quality

  • Printing ink has some active chemical elements. Use CISS, can protect ink been contacted by air pollution, dust and impurities. Meanwhile, with this external ink supply connected with original ink cartridges, ink in cartridges will always be full. Bubble caused by cartridge moving is solved.

Tips for trouble shooting of CISS

When encounter with troubles of using CISS, please follow below steps to identify the problem and take the action.
  • Step 1, check ink pipe from external ink bottle

  • Ink pipe twisted, or knotted with causing printing problem. If not, then check if the pipe is blocked. Clear the pipe with distilled water or cleaning solution, a small syringe will help you in this work. Repeat cleaning for times until it be cleaned off. Or change the pipe with a new one.
  • Step 2, check if print head the source of problem

  • Take off the CISS, use the original cartridges, start printing, if problems remain, then it might be the print head clogging issue. To use out ink in the bottle within 3 month, clean the whole CISS and printer before refill new ink in.
  • Step 3, ink supply system of the printer

  • Foamed ink by bubble inside, the printer will lack of ink. To solve this, use a syringe to suck ink from the cartridge till all foamed ink be sucked out. To prevent this, put the external ink bottle at higher level, and clean the seal piece print head and ink cartridge with alcohol.