How To Change Ink For Digital Flex Banner Printing Machine

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Why to Change Ink for Digital Flex Printing

What kind of ink are you used now for your digital flex banner printing machine? Original /OEM ink or Generic /Compatible ink. If you want to save some cost and make more profit, we’d suggest you to alternate your original ink to a high-end compatible ink. Here is why.
  • Saving Cost

    We all know that an original ink so costly for your print project. Most printer sales will sale a printer at a low price and then earn much money in coming days of consumables sale, especially of ink. That’s why OEM inks are so high of price compare to compatible inks.
  • No boundary in ink tech any more for flex printing

  • We know at the beginning there are some boundaries between OEM ink and compatible ink. But as time go on, these boundaries already been broken. By taking many years involving researching of different printers and print head, we now have different inks precisely for each printer and head. You can boost your printing quality by our ICC profiling support.

How to Change Ink for Digital Flex Printing Machine

If you are urge to change ink for your machine but do not know how to do, then here is the guide.
  • Choose the right ink for your digital flex banner printing machine

  • Different printer and print head need different ink, tell us what’s your printer mold and print head is, and even better take pictures to us for sure. And we will give you the appropriate ink for your printing.
  • ICC Changing

  • If you need to improve your image quality, you can take our ICC profiling service, and change it step by step as the printer’s guide.
  • Clean the Printer

  • Make sure your printer is clean before changing to any other ink. Any ink residue will take chemical reaction with the new ink, and affect the image printing, even clogging the print head.
  • Start Printing When Everything is Ready

  • Now you can start print when everything in control. One more thing to mention is: a good ink, good printer, good transfer paper, good heat press, and a standard working process together making a good output.