Difference Between Solvent And Eco Solvent Printing

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Solvent and eco solvent printing is commonly used printing method in advertising sectors, most media can either print with solvent or eco solvent, but they are different in below aspects.

Solvent ink and eco solvent ink

The core for the printing is the ink be used, solvent ink and eco solvent ink, they are both solvent based inks, but eco solvent ink is the environment friendly type.
  • Ink Formulation

    Eco solvent use the environment friendly formation, do not contain any harmful ingredient. By using solvent ink in printing, more and more people noticed by the smelly odor, and it can lasting for a long time which is harmful to human health. So we are looking for the ink which including all the benefits of solvent ink but not hazardous to body and environment. Eco solvent ink is suitable for the use.
  • Ink Parameters

  • The Parameters of solvent ink and eco solvent ink is different. Including different PH value, surface tension, viscosity, etc.

Solvent Printer and Eco Solvent Printer

Solvent printer is mainly grant-format printers, and eco solvent printer is much in smaller size.
  • Printing Speed

  • Printing speed for solvent printer is much high then eco solvent printer.
  • Print Head

  • Industrial heads are mainly used for solvent printers, Seiko, Ricoh, Xaar etc, and Epson heads are used for eco solvent printers, including Epson DX4, DX5, DX6, DX7.

Application for solvent printing and eco solvent printing

  • Indoor advertising for eco solvent printing

  • Eco solvent printing is mainly used for indoor advertising program, indoor banner, posters, wallpapers, floor graphics, retail POP, backlit display, flex banner, etc. These ads normally stand near people, so it will need to be printed in fine details, high resolution, small ink dot, more passes printing.
  • Outdoor usage for solvent printing

  • Solvent printing is mainly used for outdoor advertising, such billboard, wall wraps, vehicle wraps etc.